All About Moquette

An educational resource for the London Transport Museum

I was asked by the London Transport Museum to write and illustrate an educational resource for KS2 students (age 5-7) on Moquette fabric for Children's Art Week. Moquette fabric will be familiar to anyone who has taken a journey on Transport for London's buses or tubes - it's that wonderfully retro fabric that covers the seats. Working with LTM's learning team and following curriculum guidelines, I developed a downloadable resource for teachers to work through with their students. It covers the history of the fabric and how it is made, from design brief to manufacture. The students can also have a go at making moquette through use of repeat pattern. Plus, there's a quiz!



I created a repeat pattern for the header and footer of the resource.


As part of the activity, I created a colouring in exercise for the children to do. I designed my own moquette seat cover after being inspired by all the parks in London. I'd love it if this were on a seat cover one day.


You can download the resource from the London Transport Museum website.

Here are a two sample pages from the resource.