Illustration and branding for a sustainable investment fund


I was approached by Environmental Finance to develop some illustrations for their latest sustainable investment fund. PICNIC is the first social impact investment fund focused specifically on urban parks and green spaces. The fund is being run by PICNIC, Environmental Finance and the National Trust. Funding for the UK's parks and green spaces has been cut by £billion in the last ten years and this fund hopes to go someway to encouraging investment in our green spaces to secure their continued upkeep. Green spaces don't suddenly disappear once funding is cut but over time they will become unkempt and disused. These illustrations are to encourage potential investors and get them excited about changing their local green spaces.



The client wanted bright and bold illustrations that showed the transformation of parks from disused, unloved spaces through to thriving community hubs. It was important to show the community pitching in to help, as reclaiming spaces for communities is a key priority of the fund, rather than opening up parks to corporate development.