Live Illustration for GoodFest

Visual Notetaking for Online Eco Conference

I was asked by Leap - Design for Change if I could provide some live illustrations for Goodfest, an annual conference and talk for business owners promoting sustainability and pusing radical environmental change in how they operate. Due to the lingering effects of the pandemic this was held soley online, but that had the advantage that attendees dialled in from all around the world. This was my first time doing live illustration and I had been asked to do the job the night before the event. I didn't have a great deal of time to prepare but overall I'm really pleased with what I accomplished. I certainly learnt a lot doing it so I feel a lot more confident taking on other jobs like this in the future.



The event was held online, which was really handy for letting me just focus on the speaker rather than being distracted by everything else that was going on in the room. I was set up infront of my laptop with zoom running, working on my ipad Pro. 




There were some absolutely barnstorming talks throughout the day. It was really inspiring to listen to it as well as drawing the event. Not going to lie, it was hard work but such a positive experience. I'm brimming with ideas to take this further so if you'd like to add some live illustration to your next event then drop me a line.