The Donkey Sanctuary

An illustrated map of their Sidmouth site

I worked with the fabulous Donkey Sanctuary to create an illustrated map of their main site in Sidmouth, Devon.

In the years since they commissioned their first illustrated site map, they had added some new buildings, and added to their printed assets in a piecemeal fashion, meaning they were several different maps with different looks in circulation. The idea behind this project was to give everything a visual refresh and have one map that was able to work across all touchpoints, from printed DL leaflet, signage in the park, on the website and as a 6m x 3m mural in their atrium. 

The map had to be detailed enough to work when blown up to six meters wide, but also clear enough to work when printed on a DL leaflet, also leaving space for any text that needed to be overlain by the design team.