Clothes to fight in - Case Study.

16 August 2016

Those of you who know me will know I'm pretty into training in martial arts. I've been training in Tang Soo Do (Korean Karate) for over ten years now and a problem I've encountered time and time again is the lack of great clothing designed for female martial artists. So naturally, I was stoked when a great start-up, Medusa Sport, contacted me to design their branding and illustrate their first range of clothing specifically designed for female martial artists.



I met with the founders, a husband & wife team to discuss where they saw their brand going and what they wanted to achieve. I love working with start-up companies because they are so passionate about their product and this stage is one of the most interesting as I find chatting with people who have a plan and a vision to be really inspiring.


I was tasked with coming up with a logo which would be scaleable and used across a variety of different media. It needed to work just as well online as it did stitched into a garment. After several options, we went for a simple wordmark, dynamic and bold yet fuss free. The company is focused on hard-training women, so we decided to keep it as minimal as possible with what the garment is being used for taking priority over any flourish.


In addition to the logo, I designed their initial range of training tops & tees. They wanted two distinct styles, some 'old world' style typography and a geometric block print as they were testing the market. I'm happy working across a range of styles so it was a good job to flex my creative muscles on.




To tie the project together, I worked with badass photographer Felix Smith to put together a lookbook and web photography to be sent out to press. The photoshoot was a great success, I love the creative direction side of this job just as much as I enjoy beavering away at a logo. I had my arm twisted to appear in front of the camera as well, but you'll have to check out their site to see those ones!


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