Loyalty Card Design for Seasalt Cornwall

28 June 2019



Those of you who know my working history will know that I spent the first seven years of my career working as a graphic designer & illustrator for fashion brand Seasalt Cornwall. Last month they got in touch and asked if I could help them out by designing a customer loyalty card for use in their 60+ shops. 



It's always nice working with old clients again, especially ones that you have such a history with. The visual style of the brand had evolved considerably since I left. One of my last jobs for them (carried out in my notice period) was to redesign the logo and all packaging however there's only so much of that you can do in a few months... It was really pleasing to come back to the work I started but didn't have time to finish and to see how the team had evolved, improved and grown the brand's visual language. It sounds a bit naff, but it was almost like visiting an old friend and seeing how they'd changed in the intervening years. Even better was working again with their senior creative designer, Matt Johnson who is probably the best illustrator I know and an infinite source of wisdom. (No exaggeration to say that after 7 years of working together he had taught me about 95% of what I know about being a professional illustrator...) Props to you Matty!



Seasalt has always had a reputation for using a great deal of illustration and the rich visual style the brand has makes working within it an absolute dream as everyone is so on board with illustrating everything. I had fun creating some gentle watercolour textures and drawing some pen and ink simple Cornish sailing boats to go on the card. In addition I created artwork for the in-store POS, designed an email and social media graphics.



The last few months has seen me do an increasing amount of illustration work (woop), so it was quite nice to dip my feet back into the waters of design for this project, albeit still very illustrative design. 



The stamps which go on the card are little anchors, so I thought it would be fun to play with the idea of putting anchors on the boats. You can see how they would look in the image above, which is from some social media graphics I put together.

So if you're a Seasalt fan and have one of these cards, send me a picture of it all filled up with stamps. I'd love to see it!


nb - please excuse the ropey quality of the photos. I nipped into my local shop to take a few snaps the other day. Hard to conduct a photoshoot while crouched on the floor of a busy shop.... Also - some of the barcode info has been edited out in these shots, as it isn't my loyalty card.