On BBC Radio 4 Extra: Speaking about Nature Month by Month.

12 November 2019


I'm on the radio! While Anna Wilson and I were in Penzance last month promoting our latest book, 2020 Nature Month by Month, I happened to be interviewed for BBC Radio 4 Extra's Telling Tales programme. They were recording an interview with fantastic novelist Patrick Gale at the Edge of the World Bookshop for World Bookshop Day. 


For those of you in the UK you can listen to the programme either on BBC Radio 4 Extra tonight at 21:00 or through the BBC Sounds App. (I'm at around 2:20, so right at the start). Click here for the link. I've also popped it on my instagram highlights. 



For those of you out of the UK, I'm unsure how you'd listen, but just imagine a female voice that in no way sounds ridiculous, speaking eloquently and calmly about publishing books and drawing on windows. Do not imagine someone who has only a few moments prior exclaimed "I'm so glad that they are not interviewing us..." nor do not imagine someone who has no problem sending out a verbal stream of consciousness until the very moment a microphone is put in front of her face and definitely do not imagine someone who does a very good impression of a beetroot when asked to speak into said microphone and forgets their lines instantly - even when there are no lines to remember in the first place. My hat goes off to the BBC editor who managed to string something coherent out of my garbling. 


Still, promoting your book on national radio is a pretty good achievement, even if they did cut me mentioning the title about a zillion times from the final edit. Will this be the start of a glittering radio career? Who knows!


(also - do I really sound like that?!)