I had a book signing!

16 October 2019


Last week, myself and Anna Wilson descended on the Edge of the World bookshop in Penzance to sign copies of our latest book - 2020: Nature Month by Month. In addition to scribbling in books, I was also given free reign to scribble on the windows. It was my first time drawing on windows but I loved it. 



This is myself (left) and Anna (right) standing infront of the window. 


It was really interesting hanging out in the window for most of the afternoon. Lots of people came to have a look and it was especially nice to see kids engaging with what I was doing. I wonder how many went home afterwards and scribbled on the walls? 



The Edge of the World Bookshop is such a good independent bookshop. It carries a great selection of books and the staff are fantastically helpful and so passionate about literature. They also make a cracking cup of tea.  



Also - as an aside, I saw a lot of dogs wearing multicolour outfits walking through town with their owners. Obviously it's a local fashion trend.