Cocktails and Create Masterclass with Bombay Sapphire

13 September 2021

At the weekend I hosted a masterclass at a Cocktails and Create session put on by Bombay Sapphire, to celebrate the launch of their new gin - Bombay Sunset. The workshop was held at the beautiful Polurrian Hotel in Mullion on the Lizard Peninsula. The idea was that I'd work with the guests to create beautiful postcards inspired by the sunsets of Cornwall, while drinking in the wonderful view of the sea from the terrace of the hotel (and drinking in the gin too).


This was my first in-person event since all the lockdowns of the past year, and boy was it nice to actually get out and talk to people face to face. 



There were outside and inside tables set up with pens and sketchbooks, all overlooking the ocean. The sunset had yet to make it's appearance at this time but it was well on it's way.


Prior to the event, I'd created three postcard designs which were printed out and displayed on the tables as inspiration for guests. 



I tried to encourage everyone to use a limited palette and to simplify the shapes they saw. I was really impressed with how well everyone did. There was a range of artistic experience at the event, from full on professionals to people who told me they hadn't drawn since school. Regardless of experience I thought there were some cracking drawings done and hopefully everyone went away with something they were proud of. 


I was too busy 'working the room' and helping people with their designs to take many photos but I did snap this quick one of the beautiful sky just before the sunset really took off.



There were some fantastic ruby tones coming through later on which I didn't get chance to capture but oh my it was beautiful. We couldn't have asked for greater weather for the masterclass. 

As I didn't really take any more photos, here are some snaps of the images that I created for the event:



I wish I could say my desk was always this tidy, but it really isn't. So not only did this job help me tidy my desk, it was also immensely fun! Thank you very much to the folks at Ogilvy UK for the commission, to Bombay Sapphire for trusting me to run the workshop and for everyone who came along and made it so memorable.