What I would have exhibited at the London Book Fair

09 March 2020


This year I decided be proactive and really jump in to the self promotion side of my business. As I really enjoy illustrating the annual children's nature almanac for Nosy Crow and the National Trust, I thought I'd pop along to the London Book Fair. To get the most bang for my buck I decided to book some space in the illustrators gallery. Unfortunatly, I was thwarted by the coronavirus and the book fair was cancelled a few days before I was due to attend. So, in the spirit of well, petulance and a desire to make the best of a bad situation I'm going to post what I would have exhibited here on my blog. 


Click on the images to enlarge them.


My first panel is images taken from both of my books for Nosy Crow, including the cover art, some chapter opening double page spreads, some quarter page illustrations and some spots. I included a selection of both character pieces and the accurate natural history illustrations peppered throughout the book.



My second panel is a selection of other illustrations including some of my kids t-shirt designs for Joules Clothing, my shortlisted entry for the Poster Prize for Illustration, my artwork for Ronnie Scott's Jazz Club's 60th anniversary party, an editorial for the Cornwall Green Party, a teatowel for Seasalt and some development pieces. 


Now, it was to be my first time advertising here. If any publishing types are reading this and feeling kind please let me know if I'm on the right track with this. What kind of artworks do you want to see at book fairs? Afterall, I have a whole year now to generate new portfolio pieces....