Colouring in Book for Millican

01 May 2020

I'm writing this in the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic. It's a bit rubbish if truth be told. Not being allowed outside for any significant length of time is a real kick in the pants. Like most people, I'm trying to find creative ways to occupy my time, so I was super excited when Millican got in touch and asked if I'd help them out by illustrating a page for a colouring in book they were doing. I've worked with Millican previously on their Nav Your Bag series, so was delighted to work with them again. 



You can see download the book here if you are in need of lockdown inspiration. Or just fancy a doodle. 


I decided to focus on the lockdown itself, but imaging that I was in my dream house, living my best life. Look at those houseplants. And the cat. And the vegetable patch. Living the dream right there. 



I mean, can anyone keep houseplants alive in that condition? I doubt it somehow. 



Cats make everything better I think.