Cornwall Green Party

Illustrating a Green Vision for Cornwall

 I was approached by the folks at Cornwall Green Party and asked to illustrated a series of narratives for their upcoming party conference. I created four illustrations to accompany a story about how green investment in the local economy could help transform the lives of Cornwall residents. The illustrations were to be shown alongside a presentation and then to accompany the final text on the website which you can view here







The turnaround was quite tight for this - with only a week for concepts, roughs and finals to be done - but where there's a will, there's a way. Projects like these are some of my favourite to illustrate; a strong social message plus nature plus people doing their thing. It was made all the easier by some clear direction from Matt Valler who was AD'ing on this project. 




Elly is a very talented illustrator with a strong eye for detail. She was able to take our brief - which was not straightforward - and turn it into a series of compelling images that captured both the spirit and the specifics of the story we needed to communicate. Communication was easy and timely and the work was delivered on time at each stage, despite a very tight deadline. I would definitely recommend Foxcub Studio and would happily work with Elly again in the future. 


- Matt Valler, Cornwall Green Party



I don't normally work for political clients but I made an exception in this case for two reasons - A) the subject matter is about local (to me), sustainable regeneration which is crazy important especially as my adopted homeland is one of the poorest areas of the UK. B) it's about fostering positive change in an environmentally friendly way and given that us humans are generally crap when it comes to the environment it seemed a worthy project to be involved with.