Helping a Healthcare Provider Stand Out from the Crowd


Standing out from the crowd can be tough, especially when you are one voice among many. I was approached by specialist Nursing Recruitment company Nursefinders to help them raise their game. 


Based down in Truro, Cornwall, Nursefinders supply support staff, nurses and doctors to hospitals, care homes and residential centres. In the 24 mile radius they operate there are 54 other similar providers. Just let those numbers sink in for a little bit...


They realised that most of these companies use the same stock images of the same old biddies over and over. They wanted a fresh look, one which will make them stand out and highlight them to be the caring company that they are. They were in the process of refreshing their website and so decided to commission a series of illustrations rather than rely on stock imagery. As a company, they are proud of their high staff retention rate in a high-stress industry so they wanted the illustrations to reflect their family-like atmosphere and the good relationships they have with their clients. This was pretty much the only brief, aside from the illustrations needing to be 'fun',  'not boring' but still professional.


Here is what I came up with:







And some close ups:





The last illustration is basically how I see my life panning out, but that's another issue.