Walking Tour Illustrations

For Falmouth Uncovered

I was asked by Will from Falmouth Uncovered to provide an illustration to promote his new historical walking tours of Falmouth. This was pretty much a dream commission for a few reasons. One, Will himself was enthusiastic and engaging - he had an idea of what he wanted but was totally open to suggestions. Two, it involved history and drawing people involved in various historical shenanigans. And three, I got to go down various research rabbit-holes which were perfectly legitimate and necessary for the project. 



On the tour you get guided around Falmouth and told stories about some of the people that make up the vibrant tapestry of Falmouth's history. Will wanted to feature several noteworthy individuals from key points in the past, all with their particular stories. History is all too often just the broad brushstrokes - dates, geneologies and facts. Will's approach is to tell stories about some of the people who lived in the past, in all their messy glory. He tells tales of pirates, cannibals, captured musicians, soldiers, rampaging bulls and doughty fishwives. All of whom existed, and all of whom are backed up by his research. 



At some point in the future, I'll do a who's who of this illustration but for now, is there anyone you recognise?